“With our best efforts toward product development and excellent customer service, we will strive to be the best in the flow meter industry.”

greeting_logo Senstec Flow Meter specializes in high-quality flow meter manufacturing. We strive to strengthen our competitiveness not only in domestic market but also in global markets through consistent innovation and R&D. Also, through our past experience and manufacturing skills, we seek to provide the best quality and customer service to exceed the expectations of our customers.

Our main goal is to contribute to the global world by creating the best products and services leveraging our competitive expertise, resources, and technology. Our global goal is to acquire world class instrumentation and control technology. Domestically, our goal is to deliver products of the best quality and reliability to our valuable customer to include renowned multi-national enterprises and public institutions (KEPCO, nuclear plants, etc.).

We have been able to expand exports toward developed markets such as Germany and the United States. Throughout the past decade, we continued to promote exportation to gain valuable global customers and by doing so, we can proudly say that we have become one of the global leaders of high-end instrumentation and control technology.

Based on our past experience, our employees as a whole feel the responsibility for continuous technology innovation and to concentrate on localization of high technology in the domestic market. Additionally, to overcome global competition, we are putting our most effort and passion to make contributions to flow meter industry and grow as a healthy and sustainable company.

We now aim to launch “Senstec Flow Meter on the global stage” with our firm belief in our technology and competitiveness in the global market.

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